Getting an AC Unit Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repair

Does Your Air Conditioner Need Repair?

You don’t want to require AC unit maintenance and repair, but when they do, you want a skilled staff to handle them. You may be tempted to postpone any necessary repairs until a more convenient time or when your budget allows. So, we get little of a break from AC use in our area, and waiting can be harmful.

You run the risk of minor repairs escalating into a complete breakdown or, at the very least, a larger, more expensive repair need. And it might happen right in the heart of summer when you need your system the most.

Your Air Conditioner Is Failing to Keep You Cool

You might think this is an obvious symptom, but believe it or not, it is often overlooked. On extremely hot days, a homeowner may believe that their air conditioner is sending out lukewarm air because it is trying to keep up with the ambient heat. While you are correct in considering how the outside temperature affects how cool your air conditioner can keep your home, you should never experience lukewarm air from the vents when your AC is working.

Your Energy Bills Are Higher Than Average

Consider how much you paid for your energy usage at this time last year. Consider what you’re paying in comparison to your neighbors. Are your energy bills skyrocketing? If this happens regularly, it’s a clue that something in your home is inefficient, possibly your air conditioner.

After all, your HVAC systems account for over half of your home’s total energy use.

Your System is Cycling On and Off Rapidly

This is known as short cycling, and it is both a symptom of and a cause of more AC disorders.

What happens is that your air conditioner turns on, runs momentarily, then turns off before completing a full cooling cycle, only to repeat the procedure a minute later.

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