Questions to Ask Before Installing a New AC for Comfort

What to Know About Air Conditioning Maintenance Service


Maybe your old central air conditioning unit has quit working and you think you need a replacement. Maybe you want to replace your old unit with an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient one. Maybe you’re uncertain of what to do. Whatever the reason you’re considering a new furnace or air conditioner, you’ll want to go through this handy checklist to make sure you’re buying the right unit and asking the right questions. Below are the 3 questions to ask about air conditioning maintenance service.


Do you repair regularly?

With an annual air conditioning maintenance service, your technician must be able to help you avoid minor issues like a clogged drain line. If your unit needs more frequent repairs because your AC is always malfunctioning, you must take a look at your utility bills and make a decision. If the repair costs are adding up, a replacement is needed.


Does the unit match your home?

If your new home has an existing unit, you might have inherited a bit of an odd one. If a new unit is installed, homeowners who are planning to sell will not install a new one for the outdoor areas, which saves money, but it’ll leave the new owner with a mismatched unit. Mismatched units will cause a shortened lifespan and lower efficiency. If your unit is mismatched, consider replacing it with the one that matches your home.


Is it giving you the comfort you need?

If you have an AC unit, you must expect even affordable cooling costs, even heating & cooling, and optimal dehumidification; when this doesn’t happen, it can be time to buy a new one. Modern technology will deliver additional comfort. Others may have a variable speed and two-stage technology, which provides accurate humidity and temperature control. Hire an air conditioning maintenance service for better comfort!


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