Replacing Your Old HVAC Unit

Signs You Need a New HVAC System Installation


It’s common knowledge that HVAC units control indoor temperatures, but a less-known fact is that they also remove indoor humidity. AC units have a large number of moving parts; hence, they’re susceptible to mechanical damage. To keep cooling systems in good condition, regular maintenance is needed. Below are the 3 important signs to look out for when calling an HVAC system installation contractor.


Is more than a decade old

Even if your AC can last up to 20 years, this only holds true if it has been maintained properly. Often, average units start to show signs of significant wear and tear after 10 years of continuous usage. While spending on a new one may seem like a financial burden, it’s time to consider upgrading if your unit is in constant need of repairs. Over time, buying a new one will be a better investment for your wallet and comfort.


Home feels more humid

AC units work by absorbing the warm air from your home, eliminating the moisture and sending cold air through the return vents. If your home feels damp, it’s possible airflow may be obstructed due to clogged air filters or condenser line. But if you’ve been doing regular maintenance and your home still feels humid, it may be time for a new one.


Loud noise inside the AC

Your AC unit can be loud for different reasons. It could be that motors need lubrication, compressors are faulty, and the inside of your unit is clogged with debris and dust. For the most part, these are a lack of maintenance issues that can be avoided by hiring your local technicians. With that being said, the average lifespan of an AC is about 10-20 years. If your unit is nearing that lifespan or you’ve barely maintained it, you may be better off buying a new one. Talk to a local HVAC system installation contractor!


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