What Happens if You Neglect AC Unit Maintenance?

The Outcome of a Poorly Maintained AC Unit

Many AC unit owners just ignore their maintenance needs, thinking that their units are built to last. However, without proper care and maintenance, your system can easily get worn out and cause problems that are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to fix. Here’s what will happen if you neglect AC unit maintenance:


If you ask any technician who works with air conditioners, they will tell you that the majority of air conditioners that are not maintained properly have a tendency to overheat. If you find that it takes your air conditioner a long time to start up, or if it takes a long time to bring the temperature down in the room it is cooling, then you should begin to pay more attention to the condition of your system.

Leak System

If you notice that your AC is leaking, then you should be alarmed. You should look for any visible signs of moisture or water damage on your unit. You should also check your wiring and make sure that no water has gotten into the wires or connectors. If it has, then you should call for repair service immediately.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can occur if the unit doesn’t receive the right amount of electricity or if the wires are not in good condition. If you notice sparks, smells, or unusual noises, it’s a clear sign that it needs to be maintained. Call an HVAC professional because they know what to do and they can even provide you with a few possible solutions.

If you notice any of these signs, then it’s time to call in a professional AC unit maintenance service in Lancaster, SC. One of the top-notch air conditioning repair companies that you can count on is Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning. If you want to know more about the services we provide, give us a call at (803) 232-8139.

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